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Try Our Tongue Numbing Ma Po Tofu with Pork – A Sneak Peek into True Szechuan Food

Authentic Szechuan food you get to eat usually is as far removed from the actual dish as you can imagine. Even visiting an authentic Szechuan restaurant in NYC may not always ensure you will get to taste the real deal. Yes, the tongue-numbing sensation one associates with this particular cuisine, comes from the Sichuan peppercorn and not all places use it.

Authenticity is our moto

We, at Hwa Yuan, are always true to the recipe and the authenticity of the food we are serving. As a result, you get to taste delicious food which is also made while staying true to the tradition. Our chef is well-known for creating his own concoctions and bringing life back to the authentic Szechuan food. every time you eat at our establishment, it is a unique experience.

We are suggesting a particular dish

Here, we would like to talk about a particular dish we offer, Ma Po Tofu. It is one of the most delicious dishes from Sichuan Province. Though, the main ingredient is tofu, it is not a vegetarian or vegan dish. Along with the tofu and other ingredients, ground pork is a big part of the dish. Hence, we mention it outright in our menu that the dish comes with pork.

We create phenomenal dishes

Due to the use of the freshest ingredients and creating most of the condiments like chili oil, ourselves, make all our dishes so exceptional than the general food you get at a Chinese cuisine restaurant in NYC. There are quite a few versions of the dish where the spiciness has been reduced and several other ingredients have been added. The outcome has become one of the dishes that is something completely different than what you thought and hoped to be.

The taste you have been craving

The dish we prepare and serve at our establishment is the authentic version and it will give you the tongue-numbing sensation that is associated with authentic Szechuan cuisine. If you go through the recipe of the dish and the cooking method, there will be surprised. It is actually hard to believe that a dish that seems so simple can be so delicious, but that is the truth.

Our suggestion and the reasons for that

If you are just starting into the realm of Szechuan food and wondering what to try, we would like to suggest the Ma Po Tofu at Hwa Yuan. Once you have sampled the dish, you will understand why we are suggesting this one specifically. Tofu, when made by one of the best chefs in the country, can not only surprise but impress beyond belief. We deliver experience with our food at Hwa Yuan and you are welcome to try it any time.

10th October, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan