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The revival of a legendary Chinatown treasure!

The History

Hwa Yuan is the rebirth of a Chinatown legend. Revitalized by Chef Chen Lien Tang, son of legendary New York chef Shorty Tang, the celebrated establishment combines a modern epicurean experience with the storied cuisine made famous by the original. The first Hwa Yuan was a staple of Chinatown in the 80's, particularly by their ultra-popular cold sesame noodles. The original was beloved by the famous and pedestrian alike, serving such regulars as Steve McQueen, Peter Falk, Paul Newman and reknowned New York food critic Mimi Sheraton. Though the Tang family could have let the property remain available for charter after shutting its doors, Chef Chen Lien Tang felt an obligation to revitalize a positive representation of his beloved Manhattan Chinatown.

The modern Hwa Yuan, established in 2017, is a lavish three-story extravagance, offering the very best of "Sichuan-world" cuisine; an original term derived by Chef Chen Lien Tang as authentic Sichuan fused with all-around-the-world cooking. The end result is an indelible memory, a satisfying Chinese fine-dining experience that transforms our guests into treasured dignitaries. Whether it's at our avant-garde bar area or our cozy ambient dining sections, guests will acquaint themselves of a legendary and modern-day Chinatown landmark. Enjoy!

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