Authentic Chinese Food NYC

Experience the Ideal Chinese Savor over a Plate of Hwa Yuan-Style Tang Tang Noodles

Coming across authentic Chinese cuisine in the United States has been a challenge for Americans. With the cross-cultural transmission of traditional cultures, much of Chinese food has only expectedly suffered a blow. Westernized Chinese has become the new normal.

However, at Hwa Yuan, gourmands can now afford authentic Chinese food in NYC. Specifically, our iconic Tang Tang Noodles continues to evoke the vibe of the Chinese mainland.

The Hwa Yuan-style Tang Tang Noodles

Our Tang Tang noodles give off a silky blend of tart aroma and wonderful taste. Its specialty resides in its ability to spark an instant multisensory experience. Its curt aftertaste is something to relish.

Much counts on how a bowl of Tang Tang noodles is prepared. It should not be too spongy or rubbery. The width of each noodle string should be perfect – neither too thick nor too thin. Moreover, one of the critical aspects is whether or not the noodles hold their tautness. The degree of firmness or tautness decides if the sauce coats the noodles or merely trickles in.

The ideal Tang Tang noodles should be a balance of contrasting flavors. Ours is the sweet-savory kind which is less greasy (which is a plus) and does not contain monosodium glutamate.

Working out the Sauce the Right Way

The sauce plays a vital role in the case of Tang Tang noodles in NYC. Much depends on the choice of ingredients, their amount and the final texture. Our chefs begin with the Chinese sesame paste.

The paste is then combined with peanut better, soy sauce, sugar, chili paste, rice vinegar, sesame oil and Sichuan pepper. The result is a fascinating concoction of aroma and tang.

Keeping it Chinese from Start to End

While the aforementioned points show only the technical aspects, tossing up authentic Chinese depends on more than technical excellence. It calls for intuition, fineness of treatment and patience.

Texture is one of the vital aspects in Chinese food. In the case of Tang Tang noodles, texture is particularly significant. According to our chefs, the smoothness of noodles is a deterrent. Instead, matte and powdery attributes in noodles are crucial for gripping the sauce better.

Relish the Ideal Tang Tang Noodles

Much has been said and written about Tang Tang noodles. However, if you seek more than mere forking and chewing, drive up to Hwa Yuan for the ultimate experience of Chinese savor.

3rd March, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan