Chinese Noodle Restaurant NYC

Chinese Noodles at Hwa Yuan Flow Straight from the Finest Hands in Town

One cannot imagine Chinese cuisine without its traditional noodles. And at Hwa Yuan, the finest Chinese noodle restaurant in NYC, we understand the significance of tradition in the world of food. Moreover, when it comes to noodles, our culinary experts know best. Chinese noodles hark back to a remote past and form the backbone of traditional Chinese culture.

A Brief History of Noodles

Contrary to the widespread notion that noodles are a favorite across all of China, the dish is mostly confined to the northern region of the country. Even today, grain and wheat dominate farming in northern China. And, speaking of noodles, one may not miss its immense traditional significance.

Originally, the weather of China did not suit the production of wheat. Therefore, the introduction of noodles in the Han dynasty was a cunning move to open citizens to the quintessence of wheat.

A Diverse Range of Noodles

At our restaurant, our chefs have been trained to value the diversity inhering in Chinese noodles.

From rice noodles and wheat noodles to chow Mein and lo Mein, the sheer range of Chinese noodles continues to entice gourmands from across the board. At Hwa Yuan, our noodle menu boasts the likes of Hot Tang Tang Noodles, Noodles with Peking Meat Sauce, Braised Beef Noodle Soup, Seafood Pan Fried Angel Hair Noodle, Deluxe Seafood Lo Mein and Shredded Duck and Rice Vermicelli Noodles Stir-fried.

Our Chefs Pay Special Attention to Texture

No Chinese takeout restaurant in NYC would compromise with the texture of Chinese noodles.

The texture of noodles complicated in more ways than one. For instance, upon mouthing a forkful of ramen noodles, you expect a springy outside and an amicable inside. Indeed, texture variations are tiny. But they have the potential to ruin a bowl of noodles.

According to one of our chefs, making a good noodle depends on a string of factors, from gluten quality to treating the noodle dough. The way it is stretched, folded and panned out has much to say. Moreover, recent studies have come up with highlighting the importance of bubbles in noodle dough, which play a pivotal role in lending the perfect texture.

It has been found that more bubbles lead to shoddier noodles. Therefore, at our restaurant, we ensure to use the finest dough in order to minimize cracks and thereby add to the quality of noodles.

9th January, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan