Traditional Chinese Food NYC

This Festive Season, Try Another Tradition Along with the One You Already Do in NYC

The festive season in every culture comes with certain practices and traditions. Most of them come from the community whose festival is being celebrated, but over the years, other practices crop up. They may come from another co-inhibiting community or someone else’s spontaneous celebration. Such a trend is being observed in New York during the festive season. We are talking about traditional Chinese food in NYC and people visiting establishments serving them during festivities.

Our observation of the trend

We, at Hwa Yuan, have been observing for the last few years that along with traditional festive foods, Chinese dishes, including traditional items are becoming popular amongst people. The footfall we receive during the days leading to Christmas and New Year is staggering. The number is impressive in comparison to the rest of the year. So, we have started our observation which has lead us to the data proving that people are more inclined to eat Chinese dishes during the festival season.

A little bit about our history and us

After being part of the New York Chinese food scene during the 1980’s we have an idea about the emergence of the trend and its growing popularity. After returning to the scene after almost 30 years, we are now observing the full-blown aspect of the trend. So, if you are someone who has always remained within the traditional food scene during Christmas, then a nice opportunity is here. It is time to try a new tradition, Chinese food during Christmas.

Finding the right establishment for food

A lot of people looking for Chinese takeout restaurant in NYC and eating the food available in that way do not look for authentic Chinese. They are happy with the Americanized version. If you are not one of them and want to try truly authentic Chinese dishes, you need to find a place which serves the fare. We would like to put forward our name as the contender. After being absent for almost 30 years, we are back with our truly authentic range of food and also the fusion we have come up with.

Our invitation and the beginning of a new tradition

Most of the fusions and special food items are made with the secret family recipes. So, while trying out the food, you will experience something which won’t be available anywhere else. This is the point of pride for us and we always try our utmost to keep reputation intact. So, we would like to invite you to Hwa Yuan, our establishment and enjoy fine dining with authentic Chinese food. Try or start a tradition of your own, this festive season with us.

30th November, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan