Authentic Chinese Food NYC

A rich platter of fresh seafood can offer you authentic Chinese food in NYC

Often at times, it becomes challenging to look for the most authentic Chinese food in a place like NYC. That's because several food joints have been sprawling up in the area that offers Chinese dishes. There is also a very close-knit bond of Chinese cuisine with seafood. Due to the availability of fishes and sea animals like shrimps, squids, crabs, prawns, oysters, scallops etc. several dishes in the Chinese cuisine offer you versions of seafood platters.

If you are in search for authentic Chinese food in NYC opt for places which offer quality seafood dishes. Never fall prey to cheap rates of seafood as their quality is compromised and can lead to food poisoning at times too.

Authentic Chinese dishes are a hard find

It isn't straightforward to look for authentic Chinese dishes. This issue is faced because there are several restaurants and food joints almost all over the world that claim to offer it. But due to several reasons, these traditional Chinese dishes have been fused with local culinary practices or choices of ingredients. This fusion actually in some way or the other takes away the very essence of authentic Chinese dishes.

The culinary traditions of China have their uniqueness and give great attention to detail, be it in cooking or in plating the items. Also, there is a distinct proportion in which the several ingredients are infused together to make the sauces, mixes and spice rubs. This is the result of a deep-rooted cultural tradition in their culinary stories. With globalization and intermingling of cultures, this local and traditional way of cooking at times get transformed.

Chinese seafood restaurant in NYC

Chinese seafood is something that brings variety to the culinary landscape of the country. It is varied and offers you options that can be enjoyed with noodles as well as rice. In Hwa Yuan, an authentically Chinese luxury dining destination in the Manhattan area, you come across a menu that offers you sumptuous seafood platters.

You can take a look at these top picks which are exclusively served in the restaurant here:

• Whole Fish with Hot Bean Sauce:This dish is Chef Tang's family creation that brings to your plate fresh fish pan-roasted with ginger, garlic and Szechuan style hot and spicy beans. It is then put to simmer in a delicious broth sauce, which is a sheer delight.

• Grand Marnier Prawns:If you love jumbo prawns, you will surely enjoy this dish. The prawns are coated in a thin layer of chestnut flour and water, cooked until crisp and then sautéed in the grand Marnier sauce. It is served with honey walnuts.

• Seafood Pan Fried Angel Hair Noodle:This seafood infused pan-fried noodle is an absolute delight with the right mix of spices and seasoning and the freshness of the seafood. The pan-fried noodles are made with eggs which is another fantastic thing to taste.

• Large Shrimp Fried Rice:You can enjoy this delicious dish with the perfectly cooked spicy fried rice with tender large-sized shrimps. Here they serve it with eggs which adds to the bursting flavors.

There is a lot more to discover in the seafood dishes in this carefully created menu of Hwa Yuan. Thus, if you are looking for a fantastic dining experience and yet get confused about how to choose the best, seek consultation from the staff members who are always eager to offer you amazing hospitality.

8th April, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan