Beijing duck restaurant NYC

Savor on a plate of Beijing Duck and Hoisin sauce for a dinner with friends

One of the most popular and highly talked about Chinese dishes is the Beijing Duck or the Peking Duck. If you have ever tried the recipe in mainland China, you must be aware of the authentic taste of it. But even if you haven't, you can try out the most authentic Beijing Duck recipe in Hwa Yuan restaurant in NYC. Treat your friends with a sumptuous dinner in a Beijing Duck restaurant in NYC and enjoy it fully.

Exploring the origins of Beijing Duck

Beijing Duck is also known as Peking Duck in the US. Traditionally this dish is primarily centuries old, and it forms an essential recipe of the Chinese. It is prepared in large ovens where wood is used to fire up the heat. In the process of preparation, whole ducks are roasted in the large ovens, which renders out the fat and leaves behind the skin perfectly crisp.

Plating the roasted ducks

Later, the roasted ducks are plated either wholly or in sliced pieces and crispy skin skilfully carved out and served with hot Mandarin pancakes. A variety of condiments like hoisin sauce, julienned cucumber, and scallions are served alongside the meat slices. Diners can wrap their portion of the duck in a piece of pancake and relish.

Beijing Duck in Hwa Yuan

Chef Tang offers you one of the most sophisticated Beijing Duck recipes while dining in Hwa Yuan. The process of preparation is very systematic, and it is prepared well in advance. A lot of attention is given to cooking the bird well to tender the meat and offer the guest an impeccable dish. Once you try out the dish, you will discover that this Chinese cuisine restaurant in NYC offers you the best Beijing duck ever.

Planning a dinner with friends undoubtedly requires you to pay attention to the quantity of food too. With Beijing Duck, though, you can rest assured that it will be ideally enough for 4-6 persons. You can thus, estimate and plan well in advance.

Preparation of the dish and Hoisin sauce

Before cooking the Beijing Duck, air is pumped inside the bird to stretch and make the skin loose. Then boiling water is continuously spread over the body, which is again dried with great care. After that, malt sugar is rubbed all over the skin and then it is roasted to perfection the state-of-the-art ovens.

Once out of the oven, it's tender meat, and crispy skin is ready to be plated. It is served with homemade crepes, slices of crispy pear, fresh scallion and cucumber slices along with Hoisin Sauce.

2nd April, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan