Beijing Duck Restaurant NYC

Hwa Yuan Continues to Inspire Gourmands with its Diverse Menu, Hospitality and Service

According to a popular saying, a good maker should also be a good server. Hwa Yuan continues to strive round the clock to live up to the standards of fine food-making and hospitality. The finest Beijing duck restaurant in NYC, our establishment continues to inspire gourmands from far and wide with our fascinating menu and uncompromised customers services.

1. Our Diverse Menu Reflects the Diversity of Chinese

Contrary to the widespread notion that Chinese cuisine is nothing more than dim sums and Kung Pao Chicken, our menu has been made to reflect the inherent diversity of Chinese food.

Consider, for instance, our Lamb and Beef Specials. It includes such top-notch favorites as Marvelous Orange Beef, Fillet of Veal with Xo Sauce and Sizzling Beef with Scallop and Vegetable. The last one is a Shorty Tang creation in the year 1968.

Apart from that, consider our seafood varieties, starting from Sweet and Sour Whole Fish, Tiger Shrimp with Spicy Ginger Sauce, Grand Marnier Prawns, Scallops Sautéed with Mushrooms, and Sea Cucumber Braised in Cucumber Sauce, to name only a few.

2. Our Restaurant is known for its Hospitality

As mentioned at the outset, a good maker must be a good server.

Accordingly, our restaurant is known for its uncompromised hospitality. As a venture committed to all-round customer convenience, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our guests enjoy the best food at the best prices. Our expert team has been meticulously trained to show the best conduct and absorbing diverse customer feedbacks with an open mind.

3. Hwa Yuan Offers Highly Competitive Rates

Our restaurant has framed rates in strict compliance with the certified industry practices. Indeed, with us, you get to enjoy the finest authentic Chinese food in NYC at the best prices.

Our expert team continues to keep tabs on the market conditions with a view to bring our customers the best costs and yet not at the expense of food quality.


Running an authentic Chinese restaurant successfully continues to be tougher and tougher with the attendant rigors of an ever-widening market. With the ever-evolving competition across the board, quality often tends to get compromised. And here is where our restaurant leaves a mark. Our team of true-blue professionals continues to bring our esteemed customers the aura of traditional Chinese at the best rates.

2nd January, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan