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Chinese Takeout Restaurants are on the Rise in the Fast-Paced American Milieu

One of the intriguing changes in the recent years in the American culinary industry has been the proliferation of take-outs. More often than not, customers tend to prefer take-outs, thanks to the increasingly fast-paced American milieu. At Hwa Yuan, our experts peel its immense historical significance against the backdrop of contemporary fascination.

Takeout is only a Century-old

The origin of take-outs has been traced back to the colonial time. Presumably, it was in the year 1920s that the first instance of a takeout order is documented.

It is interesting to note that the first takeout food was Chinese. Even today, with many a Chinese takeout restaurant in NYC, Chinese food accounts for the highest number of take-outs. At the same time, other dishes such as Japanese and Indian take-outs are no less popular.

Although the takeout originated in the 1920s, it was not until thirty years later that it became truly popular. And there are more reasons than one why. With such forces as the Great Depression and the Second World War looming overhead and the proliferation of upgraded technologies, the need for something brisk was felt as too exigent to overlook.

It can be seen that the takeout culture was born in the midst of a particularly agitated time. And it continues to attract customers till today.

What is with the White Paper Bucket?

Did you know that the tradition of the white paper bucket is a century old?

Indeed, no amount of revolutionary change down the decades has had the remotest impact on the white paper bucket – the emblem of takeout. It is fun to know that the bucket is industrially known as the oyster pail because it was invented to contain oysters. Fascinatingly, oysters back then was way cheaper, especially the bivalve type.

At Hwa Yuan too, the tradition of the oyster pail continues unabated. Should you happen to walk around you are sure to come across many a Chinese noodle restaurant in NYC delivering take-outs.


One of the fundamental, yet oft-forgotten, aspects of business is upholding the traditional essence of a particular cuisine. None knows it better than us, our aim being to blend the traditional and the contemporary into a harmonious whole. And so far as take-outs are concerned, with such outlets as ours at the helm, the tradition is here to stay.

30th October, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan