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4 Ways Hwa Yuan is Making a Comeback as Your Favorite Chinese Noodle Restaurant in NYC

Lightning may not strike in the same place twice, but Hwa Yuan certainly does! We proudly served quality traditional and fusion Chinese to the good people of the Big Apple in the late 60’s and 70’s; and, we aim to do it once again in our second avatar. We are proud to open our doors once again after a decade-long absence from the scene. Once, we took pride in being one of the most popular Chinese takeout restaurants in NYC. In our second innings, we wish to live up to that title with substance.

What’s New at Hwa Yuan?

Hwa Yuan may not still retain some of the old factors that contributed to our popularity in the past. However, we intend to go the distance to provide the best possible Chinese dining environment to our patrons, and for that we have introduced:

  • Extensive Menu
  • The old Hwa Yuan menu may invoke nostalgia, but our new menu may force gastronomes to salivate at the prospect of dining with us. Our new menu is extensive and boasts of some excellent authentic Chinese and Sichuan world cuisine dishes that will pamper your taste buds, for good.

  • Three-storied Seating Arrangement
  • We have taken the initiative to arrange for a three-storied seating arrangement for our esteemed customers. We have enough faith in our legacy and the adoration from our customers to expect a grandiose footfall. So, we have gone ahead and ensured that we can sit everyone. Regardless of whether you plan to drop by alone for a light drink and snacks, or make reservations for a meal with family, friends or your partner, we can arrange for it.

  • Bar Service
  • Hwa Yuan is not just for the teetotalers. Now, we have an accompanying bar service. We invite all social and casual drinkers to come try our excellent bar section, where you can sit down with friends or hop on a stool by yourself. Try some snacks and wash it down with selections from our alcohol menu.

  • Chef Shorty Tang’s Legacy
  • It goes without mentioning, that without the legend that was Shorty Tang, there is no Hwa Yuan. Chef Tang made sure that his American customers got to know about the magic that is Chinese cuisine. That is why he gave birth to Sichuan world cuisine, and more importantly, gave us the gift of cold Sesame noodles. As a reopened Chinese noodle restaurant in NYC, we wish to continue that legacy and do Chef Tang proud.

    However, make no mistake; we do not wish to rest on the laurels of our yester-year achievements. In no time, we intend to make Hwa Yuan even more famous than it was in its heyday!

    03th July, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan