Beijing duck restaurant in NYC

Hwa Yuan Elaborates on the Iconic Dish from China, the Beijing Duck

The iconic Beijing duck is literally synonymous with traditional Chinese cuisine. It is a historical delicacy, one that is loaded with immense cultural significance. At Hwa Yuan, we strive to uphold the unchallenged values of Chinese cuisine in more ways than one. In the case of Beijing duck, our restaurant proudly shoulders the responsibility of acquainting our customers with the rich tradition of the food.

Beijing Duck – History, Preparation and Relevance

It is important to remember that Beijing duck did not originate in the capital city of China. In that case, the name is a blatant misnomer. The dish is originally from the province of Nanjing. It moved to Beijing only during the course of the Ming dynasty.

Preparing the Beijing duck is nothing short of ritualistic. Indeed, it is one of the most complicated dishes in the Chinese cuisine. There are no less than twenty stages of preparation, each entailing extreme expertise, foresight and patience. The result is a palatial construct brimming and bursting with flavors. No Beijing duck restaurant in NYC would contend otherwise. What is more, some go to the length of calling it a kind of performance art.

The preparation method might seem quirky at times. For instance, at one stage the duck is pumped full of air in order to shear the skin from the fat content. And there are more such absurd stunts.

Historically speaking, the iconic Beijing duck has been at the forefront of high-profile interactions and engagements. It has played a key role in determining international relations. The most vivid snap is that of Henry Kissinger digging into a bowl lumped with the Beijing duck.

Health Benefits of Beijing Dick

Beijing duck is the biggest source of vitamin B which is particularly conducive to cognitive developments. Plus, the dish also fosters an enhanced body-immune system.

The Beijing duck is also loaded with iron. In fact, the duck is the commonest source of iron nowadays.

Seafood outlets typically avoid ducks. However, packed with health benefits, the popularity of the Beijing duck is such that even a Chinese seafood restaurant in NYC has included it in its menu.


At our establishment, we strive to blend the cultural and nutritional essence of Beijing duck at highly affordable rates. Committed to all-round customer satiety, our chefs leave no stone unturned to address the large-scale demand of this emblematic dish of China.

28th October, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan