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Why Traditional Fare at Hwa Yuan has been Attracting People of NYC for Years?

Hwa Yuan, is a name which has become integral to the Chinese food scene of New York in the last few years. After being a part of the emerging Chinese food scene in the 1980s, it was closed for some years. It is back again now and we are proud of the food we deliver. After being handled by Chef Shorty Tang in the previous outing, the present setup is being run under the supervision of Chef Chen Lien Tang. We have regained our place as the premium option for traditional Chinese food in NYC.

Remaining true to the history and tradition is crucial to us

Since the early days, we have remained true to the history and tradition of the Chinese cuisine. Apart from a few changes and twists put by the chef, most dishes are made with utmost authenticity. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food reminding you of mainland China, we are here to serve. During both times we have joined the food scene of NYC, our patrons supported us by enjoying the food.

Reasons behind our popularity and reputation

Our traditional fare is not only delicious and authentic but it comes with a mastery which you cannot find at a regular restaurant or takeout place. The three reasons we have pinpointed behind the love showered upon us by our patrons are:

Being true to the tradition and authenticity

A lot of places promise you authenticity and traditional Chinese food but while trying their food, you find out the truth. Those promises are made to attract more people but are not at all true. At Hwa Yuan, we do not do that. When we promise a dish to be authentic, you receive exactly that. Having one of the best chefs in the country has its perks and the ability to deliver truly authentic food is one of them.

Use of proper ingredients

Most of the Chinese dishes taste as good as they do because of the use of right and fresh ingredients. If you are not using the right ingredients, you can never have the right taste. Hence, we make sure to only use the best and freshest of ingredients which make our food delicious and nutritious. This makes our food taste exceptionally delicious.

A master is at the helm of creation

Apart from being the son of a legend of his time, Chef Chen Lien Tang is doing a marvelous job of handling Hwa Yuan. The restaurant is delivering every promise and serving delicious food to every patron. One of the benefits of having him at the helm of the restaurant is the availability of Tang Tang noodles in NYC. Yes, you can now enjoy these noodles invented by the Chef Shorty Tang itself. Being a family recipe, this one is closely guarded secret and not available everywhere.

These three reasons are impressing people enough to return to Hwa Yuan every time. To try our spread and special offerings, come to our establishment and order what you want to eat. Your enjoyment is our responsibility.

30th September, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan