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A Dip of Spicy Ginger Sauce is what makes Hwa Yuan’s Tiger Shrimp Special

You cannot separate sauce from Chinese. Indeed, no authentic Szechuan restaurant in NYC would deny the significance of pairing the right sauce with the right dish. It is sauce that makes Chinese cuisine what it is – tangy – like a dip of spicy ginger sauce alongside tiger shrimps at Hwa Yuan.

• Tiger Shrimps with Spicy Ginger Sauce

There are various kinds of ginger sauces used in Chinese cuisine. However, the widely favorite ones are those which are used for dipping seafood. Our tiger shrimps are a fine example.

The primary aim of using sauces alongside food is to boost its flavor. In the case of tiger shrimps, for instance, a dip of ginger sauce heightens the eating experience by making the shrimp more slippery and succulent. Moreover, it adds to the multidimensional aspect of the dish at large.

• Sea Cucumber Braised in Szechuan Sauce

Another widely favorite is the Szechuan sauce. Consider, for instance, our sea cucumber braised in spicy Szechuan sauce. The preparation is ideally based in soy sauce and is low in sodium content.

The ideal Szechuan sauce is preferably a bit sweet. Sweeteners include the likes of maple syrup and brown sugar. Our chefs make use of cornstarch to thicken the sauce.

• Sesame Sauce

The sesame sauce is one of the fundamental components of Chinese cuisine. It is a tart concoction of white sugar, cornstarch, chicken broth, chili paste, minced garlic and white vinegar.

• Kung Po Chicken with Hot Pepper Sauce

A plate of Kung Po Chicken with hot pepper sauce continues to be one of our widely favorite delicacies. A traditional luxury Chinese restaurant in NYC would prepare a hot sauce with chili peppers as the base. However, a more sophisticated method includes adding fruits and veggies.

The use of vinegars in hot pepper sauce is not far-fetched, either. It is chiefly added to act as a natural preservative. More often than not, vinegar may alter the original flavor.

• Fillet of Veal with Xo Sauce

Known for its umami flavor, xo sauce is native to Hong Kong. It is widely prevalent in Southern Chinese regions. Xo sauce primarily includes dried scallop, chili peppers, Jinhua jam and garlic.


Sauce is the soul of Chinese and Szechuan cuisine. And pairing the right dish with the right sauce is what chefs at Hwa Yuan specialize in.

4th March, 2020 posted by Hwa Yuan