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How to Eat Your Beijing Duck Dinner in the Best Way at a Restaurant in NYC?

Beijing duck or Pecking duck is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in Chinese cuisine. When you are visiting the country of its origin, trying the authentic version of the dish is a must. Getting the same food in the heart of New York may seem like wishful thinking. At Hwa Yuan though, we have aimed to achieve just that. As a Beijing duck restaurant in NYC, we will treat you to a sumptuous meal.

The New York Chinese Food Scene

Since the very beginning of our foray in the NYC food scene, we have been delivering delicious and traditional Chinese food. Beijing duck is an important part of our menu. Over the years, we have served a lot of these ducks and still do with the same fervor and quality.

  • Help We Want to Offer
  • In our time, we have come to realize that a lot of our patrons find it a little intimidating to go through the meal. They are often worried about the right way to eat the food and whether they are being insensitive to the culture. So, we are here to inform you, how Beijing duck should be enjoyed.

  • Serving of the Beijing Duck
  • The Beijing duck will be served with cucumber, chopped green onions or shallot or scallions, thin pancakes and a plum dipping sauce. Sometimes, garlic paste and sugar are also included. The manner of serving the meat is unique. At a luxury Chinese restaurant in NYC, the chef will present the whole duck at first. Then the roasted bird will be taken away for slicing or it can be sliced in front of the patrons as well. The slices will be thin and can number up to 120. Each of the slices will have both meat and crispy skin.

  • How to Eat the Dish Properly?
  • Often this dish is ordered for a family meal. Depending on the number of people and size of the duck, one can feed 4 – 6 people. After serving is done, you need to take a pancake in one hand. Then use your chopsticks to pick up a slice of duck and dip in the plum sauce. The duck slice is to be used for spreading sauce on the pancake. Then, it is time to add some more duck slices, cucumber slices and green onion. Folding the pancake and eating it is the final step.

  • Enjoying the Food is Most Important
  • If the process seems to be complicated and elaborate be rest assured, our aim is to help you enjoy the meal. If you know the steps and want to follow them, it’s fine. If it is your first time, enjoy the meal, technicalities can be explored later.

    This is how you can enjoy Beijing duck at a restaurant in New York.

    05th August, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan