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3 Surefire Signs of an Authentic Szechuan Restaurant

What is an authentic Szechuan restaurant? The hallmarks are markedly different. At Hwa Yuan, the finest authentic Szechuan restaurant in NYC, we make it a point to educate on the signs of an authentic Szechuan restaurant. While there are differing opinions, the following are three most prominent signs of an authentic Szechuan restaurant.

1. No Fake Dishes

There are various Chinese dishes that are nothing but crude westernized versions. These dishes are Americanized to suit people who are less adventurous. Crab Rangoon, for example, is an American invention as well as duck sauce and egg foo young are invented by Chinese-American chefs.

Broccoli is another American invention served across Chinese restaurants in New York City. Another common sight is cookies. More often than not, restaurants dishing out such dishes are primarily meant for true-blue Americans. At Hwa Yuan, however, we serve authentic Chinese dishes, keeping in mind the expectations of our cherished customers.

2. Dim Sum

Dim sum continues to be mainstay of traditional Chinese cuisine. If you are served dim sum with tea from a teapot, rest assured you are at the right place. Dim sum may include rolls, buns, dumplings and cakes.

Traditional restaurants tend to have little carts stacked with dim sums for people to choose at ease. Being a traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant in NYC, we leave no stone unturned to care to our expectant customers with the right food at the right prices.

3. A Chinese-Language Menu

Of course, no Chinese restaurant in NYC is without a separate English menu. Yet, should you spot a Chinese-written menu, rest assured that you are in a genuine Chinese restaurant.

We understand the collective challenge to identify an authentic Chinese restaurant. Keeping up with that, we strive to provide authentic Chinese delicacies that meet the expectations of our customers. Moreover, we are duty-bound to honor the West’s fascination with the Oriental culture, be it food or something else.

9th September, 2019 posted by Hwa Yuan